Tata Elxsi Performance for 2021 | What Does Tata Elxsi Do?

Stellar Financial Performance Of Tata Elxsi Limited (Q4FY21)

2 Min Read |  April 24, 2021


As reported in Economic Times, shares of Tata Elxsi climbed 9 per cent in Friday's (April 23, 2021) trade after the IT firm reported a solid 40.30 per cent rise in March quarter profit.’ 

What is the fuss? 

Why did the Tata Elxsi share price display a sudden surge? 

What Tata Elxsi does and how is its financial performance? 

You can find all the answers right here! 

About Tata Elxsi 

The multi-billion arm of Tata Group, Tata Elxsi Limited is its product design segment that was established on March 30th, 1989. 

The main work of the company revolves around providing engineering services as well as product design across varied industries such as communications, consumer electronics, system integration sector, etc. The company has its offices in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram. 

Tata Elxsi operates primarily through two segments namely Software Development and Services as well as Systems Integration and Support. The commencement of Tata Elxsi in 1989 marks the entry of Tata Group into the high -technology sector through new companies and projects. Since then, it has continued to thrive in the Indian IT industry. 

Now, let us turn our focus to the facts that helped Tata Elxsi shares to gain momentum. It was its healthy results for the March 2021 quarter. After the financial report was declared, the Tata Elxsi share price climbed by 9% on April 23, 2021.

Financial Highlights Of Tata Elxsi 

The major highlights from March quarters and the entire fiscal years are mentioned below: 

Takeaways From Quarterly Financials (March 31, 2021) 

  • In the last quarter of FY21, the company has reported a total Revenue From Operations of Rs 518.4 crores. The figure is 8.7% higher as compared to the December quarter of FY21. 

  • It has reported the highest ever Profit After Tax of Rs 115.2 crores with a surge of 40.31%. 

  • The EBITDA for the last quarter stood at 32.4% with a Net Margin of 21.9%. 

  • As compared to the December quarter company’s two segments namely Embedded Product Design and Industrial Design and Visualization grew by 5% and 40.1% respectively. 

  • The company has announced its Final Dividend of Rs 24 per share. 

Takeaways From Yearly Financials (For The Year 2020) 

  • The Revenue from Operations of the Company grew by 13.4% and stands at 1826.2 crores. 

  • The EBITDA of the company stood at 28.6% for the year 2020 with a Net Margin of 19.7%. 

  • The Embedded Product Design and Industrial Design and Visualization grew by 14.6% and 9.1% as compared to last year. 

Graphs Representing Company’s Financial Performance 

Stock Performance: 

Tata Elxsii Stock Performance

Income From Operations (In Rs Crores) 

Tata Elxsi Income From Operations (In Rs Crores)

Net Profit Loss (In Rs Crores) 

Tata Elxsi Net Profit Loss (In Rs Crores)

Basic Earnings Per Share ( In Rs) 

Basic Earnings Per Share ( In Rs)

Hope this blog was helpful for you to track the financial performance of Tata Elxsi share. Do you wish to add it to your stock portfolio? 

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