How to Close/Cancel RBL Credit Card? 3 Different Processes

How To Close Or Cancel RBL Credit Card? Three Ways To Do So

3 Min Read |  May 11, 2021


In the previous blogs, we learnt different ways to close SBI and HDFC bank credit cards. Now, this blog is for those who possess RBL credit card and wondering how to close RBL credit card permanently. 

RBL credit cards come with a high annual fee and if you are the one who finds no usage of the same, then there’s no point in keeping the card and paying fees. Hence, we recommend you get it closed or cancelled as soon as possible. 

Typically, we have described three ways you can cancel or close your RBL credit card. You can choose anyone that suits you the best. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started-

How to Close RBL Credit Card Through Email?

In case you were seeking how to close an RBL credit card online, then here it is. You can get it closed by writing an email.

You need to send an email to requesting for closing RBL super cards or for cancelling other cards. 

Do include the necessary details such as name, credit card number, date of birth, and expiry date. 

Closing RBL Credit Card through Customer Care

The other option to close RBL credit card is through customer service. You can dial the customer care number 022-71190900 and press the required numbers on the IVR (interactive voice response). 

You will be asked to share some specific information to validate your identity and complete the credit card cancellation process. 

Close RBL Credit Card by Visiting Branch 

If you wish to close the RBL credit card offline, then you must visit the branch. For this, you must write and submit a letter requesting credit card cancellation. 

To complete the process, you must cut the credit card diagonally, along with your identity proof. 

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Things to Ensure before Closing RBL Bank Credit Card

Just like the closing of any other credit card, you must keep the following things in mind:

  • You must ensure that you have cleared all the dues on the card. These include loan against the credit card, any EMIS, and others. 

  • If there’s any reward point or air miles, redeem it before initiating credit card cancellation. 

  • If you have set any automated payments on the credit card, then you must cancel it before initiating the cancellation process. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some questions that people often ponder about credit card cancellation:

1. Why should the credit card be cut diagonally?

One must cut the credit card diagonally and across the magnetic strip so that it can be rendered invalid. It will also ensure that your card is not misused by somebody else. 

2. Will the annual fee be refunded if you cancel or close the credit card?

No, the bank won’t return the annual or any other fees on the cancellation of the credit card. 

3. Can you cancel the additional card without cancelling the primary card?

Yes, you can surely cancel the additional card without cancelling the primary one. You will just need to notify the bank through an email or writing a letter with the necessary details.

4. Can the bank close your credit card account without asking you for it?

There are special situations under which a bank may cancel your credit card. They are:

Inactivity – If your card is inactive for a long time, then the bank holds the right to cancel or close it. 

Non-Payment – If you fail to pay even the minimum amount due on the transactions done, then the bank will block your credit card. It can even take some actions against you.

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