How to Check PF Balance: Through UAN, SMS, Call, and APP

How To Check PF Balance: A Complete Guide

3 Min Read |  March 26, 2021


If you are an employee at an organization, then you must have heard about the term PF (Provident Fund) or EPF (Employee Provident Fund). EPF is another name for PF. Obviously, some fractions of your salary get deducted every month in the name of EPF. In case you are wondering how to check PF balance so that you could be assured of the amount saved, we suggest you read this blog until the end.

Now, since you are an employee and a member of the EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation), you don’t need to wait for your employer to provide you with an EPF statement at the end of every year. You can check the PF balance without waiting for so long.

In this blog, we have covered the four easiest ways you can check your EPF balance. We also wanted to ensure that you understand the concept of EPF well, therefore, we are starting with the definition of employee provident fund.

What is PF/EPF?

Provident Fund or PF is a type of fund whose sole purpose is to accommodate employees with lumpsum payments during their exit from their place of employment. PF is another name for the pension fund, however, it differs from pensions funds in a few ways. The pension fund has elements of both lump sum and monthly pension payments.

Employee’s Provident Fund is a savings scheme established by the government for employees in the organised sector. EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) declares the EPF interest rate. It is a statutory body under the Employees’ Provident Fund Act 1956. For the current financial year, the interest rate on the Employee Provident Fund account has been fixed at 8.50%.

You can check your EPF balance by giving a missed call, via SMS, the EPFO app and the Umang app. Employees having access to the EPF balance can easily:

  • Opt to avail a loan against their EPF balance
  • Plan their expenses well
  • Examine the status of their PF balance
You can also read our blog on How to Withdraw Money From Your EPF Account. Check it out here.

How to Check Your PF Balance?

As mentioned above, you can check your PF balance in four ways. They are as follows:

1. Using Umang App


With the help of the Umang App, you can examine your PF balance using a mobile phone. The government launched this app to provide people with various government services in a single place. Using this app, people can raise a claim, view the EPF passbook, and even track Claim. In order to get started, you must complete a one-time registration using your mobile number.

2. Using the EPFO Portal

Earlier, people used this unified portal to access their PF passbooks. However, now EPFO runs a different website that allows users to access their PF passbook. Nevertheless, people can still use the unified portal for transactional services such as transfers.

If you want to check your PF passbook, you must have an account linked with your UAN (Universal Account Number). Follow the below-mentioned steps to download or print your EPF passbooks from the EPFO portal-

Step 1: You will find the member passbook available at EPFO’s official website.

Step 2: Under ‘Our Services’, you will find the option 'For Employees'. Click on that.

EPFO Portal

Step 3: Then again under the ‘Services Section’, you will find the 'Member Passbook' option. Click on it. It will direct you to a new page.

Member Passbook

Or you can directly go to the page of the Member Passbook by clicking here.

If you want to access the passbook of your EPF account, then ensure that the employer has already activated your UAN. Also, note that the UAN is rendered by the EPFO but must be activated and verified by your employer.

If your UAN has already been activated, you can use it along with your password to log in and view your PF balance.

The members of the establishment who are exempted under the EPF scheme, 1952, cannot avail of the passbook facility.

3. By sending an SMS

sending an SMS

If you have your UAN registered with the EPFO, you can send an SMS with a message- EPFOHO UAN ENG to 7738299899 and avail of the details of your PF balance and latest contribution.

Here, ‘ENG’ is the first three letters of your preferred language. Therefore, in case you wish to receive the message in Hindi, then type in EPFOHO UAN HIN, for Marathi: EPFOHO UAN MAR, for Punjabi: EPFOHO UAN PUN, and so on.

4. Giving a Missed Call

EPFO Balance Check - Giving a Missed Call

If you are registered on the UAN portal, then you need to give a missed call from your registered phone number on 011-22901406. By doing so, you will receive the details. But you must ensure that your UAN is seeded with your PAN, Aadhaar, and bank account. In case they aren’t, you can ask your employer to seed them for you.

The service is absolutely free of cost.

Earlier, there was a facility for checking PF balance via the EPFO app, however, it is now discontinued.

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