What are the Career Opportunities in Stock Market?

Career Prospects In Stock Market | Stock Market Jobs

3 Min Read |  April 05, 2021


If you are somebody who has an in-depth understanding of the stock market and possesses a keen interest in it, you could surely build a great career from it. 

The career opportunities in the stock market are growing every day. People from all backgrounds whether arts, commerce or humanities, science, seems more inclined to having their careers in the stock market today. Therefore, if you are one of them, then this piece of reading is for you.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some excellent stock market career options in India. Let’s get started.

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Different Career Opportunities in the Indian Stock Market

Lately, various stock market career options are introduced. But we are going to discuss some popular options in trend. They are as follows.

Stock Broker

Stock Broker

Observing India’s immensely growing investing population, one can easily guess how prospective and beneficial the career of a stockbroker could prove. As we already know that to invest or trade in the stock market, we must open a Demat and trading account. Obviously, these accounts are offered by stockbrokers. 

For example, Mr Nithin Kamath, the founder of Zerodha started his career as an Engineer but intrigued by the financial markets, he switched his profession to a stockbroker. In 2018, Zerodha was awarded the best discount broker company in India by National Stock Exchange. 

Eligibility for Becoming a Stock Broker

  • In terms of academics, there’s no strict eligibility criterion for becoming a stockbroker. 

  • You must clear NISM exams and obtain your license from SEBI in case you wish to be a stockbroker. 

  • It’s crucial to have a practical understanding of the market. Hence, it’s better if you work with a securities broker for at least 5 years to acquire the requisite experience in case you want to start your own firm. 

  • If you wish to be employed in a stockbroking firm, you must have passed the 12th standard at minimum. 

  • Graduating in Economics, Finance, or Accounting will help begin your career at a decent level. CA, CFA, FRM qualified candidates will have even better futures ahead of them. 

Financial or Investment Advisor

Financial or Investment Advisor

If you have good consultation skills and wish to establish your own consultancy in the financial market, then becoming an Investment Advisor or Financial Advisor would be the right choice. 

Investment Advisors have the benefit of reaching a plethora of prospective clients. Preparing customized financial plans, educating people on financial products, and offering consultancy services on wealth management can assuredly help you make a career and earn good money in this industry. 

Eligibility for Becoming a Finance/Investment Advisor

  1. You must have a graduate degree in Commerce/Finance or at least 5 years of work experience with a financial firm to become a finance or investment advisor. 

  2. To obtain a licence from the SEBI, you must have a degree in finance. 

  3. Note that a B.Tech degree won’t be counted unless you have 5 years of work experience in the field of finance. 

  4. If you are a postgraduate in finance, you won’t need any work experience to apply for a license from SEBI. 

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Being a mutual fund investor, you might be aware of the fact that investments are managed by skilled and experienced Portfolio Managers. Fund managers are responsible for handling the clients’ money of the Wealth Management firms operating in India. 

If you find yourself good at managing money and possess an excellent understanding of the financial markets, then this could be a rewarding career for you. 

Eligibility for Becoming a Portfolio Manager

  • To be a Portfolio Manager, you must have qualifications such as CA, MBA (in Finance), or CFA. 

  • Freshers may strive to get a job in this field. 

  • You might need a working experience of at least a decade in the finance domain. 

  • Therefore, if you want to become one, you must start working in marketing and research. 

Research Analyst

Research Analyst

Research analysts are supposed to research the stocks to help the fund managers make decisions regarding the management of available financial assets. You would be analysing equities and equity derivatives for the clients who are investors and retail traders. 

Nowadays, equity research analysts are lucrative options. So, you can think about it. 

Eligibility for Becoming a Research Analyst

  • For becoming an independent research analyst, you must follow the same criteria required to be an investment advisor. 

  • If you want to be employed as a research analyst at prominent firms, then you must hold an MBA from a Tier 1 institute in India. 

  • If you have completed CA or CFA, you can still make a career in the same. 

Apart from the above-mentioned career options, there are many other job roles that you can opt for in the stock market in India. They are as follows.

  • Online Stock Trading

  • Market Researcher

  • Equity Analyst (Fundamental/Technical)

  • Financial Analyst

  • MF Distributor/Advisor

  • Insurance distributor/Advisor 

Although professional and academic qualifications are essential, practical exposures hold high significance to how the market works. Irrespective of whichever stock market career opportunities you select, having strong analytical skills and communication are always add-on advantages to your resume.


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